Design & Technology

When used together Design and Technology create the world we live in. The places we go, the everyday objects we use, the products we buy and the clothes we wear must all be designed and then manufactured using Technology.
The world we live in depends on designers, engineers and technicians to supply our material needs. This provides a constant demand for young people to learn how to provide for this need.
In Design and Technology lessons at Llangatwg pupils gain experience with the basic principles of design and are introduced to a wide range of the technologies used in today’s world. These include Computer-aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) as well as more traditional approaches to resistant materials (wood, metal and plastic), textiles, graphics and food technology.
Students learn through creative thinking linked with developing practical and technological skills, in order to design and make products that will meet human needs. Starting with simple guided project briefs, pupils learn how to identify needs and opportunities, solve problems and how products can be developed to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.
Sir James Dyson said:
Design and technology is the only subject that puts science and maths into a practical format, giving young people an opportunity to understand how a product works and invent a better way.

These are essential skills if Britain is to create and export the technology that other countries want to buy.