Geography as a subject is alive, dynamic, exciting, interesting and everywhere around us in our daily life. At Llangatwg we aim to reflect this in our teaching, making lessons current, relevant, stimulating, challenging and fun. Geography helps develop skills that can be used throughout life and opens up a wealth of opportunity for all.

Our Main Aims:

  • To provide a sound foundation of geographical knowledge and skills for all pupils regardless of age and ability.
  • To provide relevant, interesting and challenging lessons in a fun, calm learning environment.
  • To provide learning opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • To provide opportunities to develop ICT skills.
  • To ensure that pupils develop all their skills, particularly individual learning.
  • To involve pupils in their local community and the wider world, making them aware of their surroundings and their impact upon them and other people.
  • To bring Geography to life!
The Geography Team
Mrs K Hurst – Subject Leader
Mr R Shaw – Assistant Headteacher