The aim of the Mathematic Department at Llangatwg School is to provide learners with the confidence, skills and understanding needed to succeed in school, further education and their working life.

Teaching and Learning

The Mathematics Department endorses the schools Active Learning Policy and aims for learners to meet the objectives below:
* Acquire an understanding of the fundamental number relationships
* Recall, apply and interpret mathematical knowledge in the context of everyday situations
* Set out mathematical work including the solution to the problem in a logical and clear way
* Perform calculations by suitable methods
* To efficiently use an electronic calculator when required  
* Understand systems of measurement in everyday use and make use of them in the solution of problems
* Estimate, approximate and to work to a degree of accuracy appropriate to the context


* Use mathematical and other instruments to measure draw to an acceptable degree of accuracy
* Recognise patterns
* Interpret and make appropriate use of mathematical statements expressed in words and symbols
* Analyse a problem, select a suitable strategy and apply an appropriate technique in problem solving
* Make logical deductions from mathematical data
* Develop independent learning


Further information and resources can be accessed via the link below.

Mathematics Department Website
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