Religious Education

Ms C Donovan (HoD)
Mrs D Down
Mrs S Parker-Jarvis
Welcome to the Religious Education Department in Llangatwg Community School. Our aims are to teach pupils about the main world religious groups alongside moral and contemporary issues. Throughout our subject we promote tolerance and compassion and encourage our pupils to become mature and respectful citizens of Britain and the world.
RE in Llangatwg does not seek to impose any particular religious values or beliefs on the students but instead aims to study the beliefs and values of others in order to better understand the people and the world around them.
Religious Education is deemed to have a central role in the work of the school in promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development of our pupils in preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of their adult life. By it’s very nature Religious Education has much to contribute to the achievement of these goals since its concern is to explore the religious understanding of human life and the value systems which societies seek to establish.
In developing the spiritual and moral aspects of learning, Religious Education makes a distinctive contribution to the curriculum and addresses a range of concerns. Whilst one aspect of it relates to an understanding of the beliefs, practices and values of religious communities, the other is progressively concerned with self, personal identity, relationships with others, responding to the natural world and to global and ethical issues.



1. “Introducing Religion” – Why study RE ? Belief & Non-Belief; Nature of God; World Religions; Signs & Symbols
2. “Community” – 4 Types of Community; Family; Poverty & Charity; Baptism; Hinduism (Origins; Beliefs; Lifestyle; Worship; Celebrations)
3. “Using a Bible” – Sacred Books; The Bible Structure; Using Bible References; Games
4. “Jesus” – in-depth study of the life & teachings of the founder of the Christian religion


1. “Story” – Relationships; Promises; Creation Stories; Adam & Eve; Abraham; Moses; Ten Commandments; Prophets
2. “Judaism” – Origins; History; Anti-Semitism; Torah; Lifestyle; Synagogue; Worship; Celebrations
3. “The Church” – Overview of Churches in Christianity; in-depth study of a local church or chapel

“Responsibility” – Corporate & Personal Responsibility ; Morality; Consequences; Judgement


1. “Conflict” – Causes of Conflict; Reconciliation; Compromise; Forgiveness; Mediators; Eucharist; Judgement
2. “Islam”  – Origins; Muhammad; History; Qur’an; Lifestyle; Five Pillars; Mosque; Worship; Celebrations
3. “Environment” – Theories; Problems; Religious Views; Gaia; Stewardship; Technology; Solutions ?

Years 10 & 11 GCSE RE

GCSE Short Course RE – Unit 1 – Relationships; Prejudice; God, Life & Death, Our World
GCSE Short Course RE – Unit 2 – Conflict; Medicine; Religious Expression; Authority;
GCSE Option Course RS – Christianity & Judaism