At Llangatwg, German is taught to all pupils in Year 9.
The languages department consists of two full time and one part time teachers, all of whom are language graduates.
Key Stage 3
In KS3, pupils are taught the basic grammatical structures and a wide range of vocabulary based around a variety of topics ranging from basic introductions to discussing films and TV programmes. Pupils are also taught how to cope in a variety of real situations from buying drinks and snacks at the cafe to dealing with basic emergencies abroad.
Key Stage 4
Lessons are varied and interactive; all of our staff have their own interactive whiteboard and make use of the latest software and techniques to make lessons as fun and engaging as possible. We are very proud of our GCSE results and pupils in Key Stage 4 are taught in small groups in order to give them as much support as possible in developing their speaking and writing skills.
In response to the declining numbers of pupils opting for MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) in Wales, we have been involved in many new and exciting initiatives to provide pupils with alternative and vocational qualifications.
NVQ in Business German
Pupils in KS4 are given the opportunity to study for a qualification in business language competence in German. The course is portfolio based and covers the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have strong links with industry and local businesses and pupils are given the chance to visit to see how languages are used in the workplace.
Languages Catch up sessions
We offer the opportunity for pupils in Year 7 to attend lunchtime catch-up sessions where they can get help with homework and practice key vocabulary taught in class. Language ambassadors play an active role in the promotion of language learning and it’s importance.
Learning a language at Llangatwg is an enjoyable and rewarding experience with many of our pupils going on to study languages in sixth form and beyond.