All pupils at Llangatwg Community School take part in examinations, some of which are set internally and some externally. Internal examinations are set and managed by staff within the school, and take place towards the end of the school year at a time which fits with the school calendar.

External examinations are set by examination boards outside school and are strictly regulated by a rule book which dictates when and how the examinations are run. At any time during an external examination the school can be visited by an Inspector to ensure that all regulations are being adhered to.

Our year 10 and 11 pupils sit GCSE examinations throughout the academic year. We wish them all the very best and as a school are confident that they will do well.

We have published below all the materials that pupils and parents will find useful. If you have any questions please contact the school.

The WJEC website allows you to access several past papers from previous years. Please click on the link above to visit their website (opens in new Tab/Window).

There are also tiered papers available for certain subjects and the corresponding mark schemes to mark your work with those papers.